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Nature X Tønder Festival 2019!

Nature X Tønder Festival 2019 !

Again this year, we can proudly call ourselves major sponsors for Tønder Festival.

The festival, which has existed since 1974, has a very special place in the great Nature heart. The square is full of culture, socializing, nature and music, which gives a very special atmosphere. There is also a focus on "handmade music" - something completely fundamental, which is clear if you visit the festival.

In addition, Tønder Festival wants to reduce their dependence on diesel generators, and aims to one day become a sustainable festival.

Innovation and tradition. Nature respects that.

That is why you can find Nature benches and beach chairs on the festival site, and the Nature flag is of course raised. Several bands have also jumped into Nature shoes to pamper their feet, which will hold up to a huge party when the festival runs at high pressure from the 22nd to the 26th. August 2019.

Visit Tønder Festival's website here:

William Chrighton plays at Tønder Festival 2019. Photo: Morten Fog