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Thanks for the support. Says the owl!

Tak for støtten. Siger uglen!

Thank you card from the Nature Foundation!

The woodpecker quickly lands on the old, crooked bark of the oak tree.

A black woodpecker sits scouting on a thick branch in an old tree. Life follows when we now – together with you – leave the forest untouched and restore trickling streams. Welcome to Engelsholm Sønderskov by Vejle Ådal.

Nature Footwear has donated 609+1020 square meters, which will now be allowed to be unspoiled nature forever. 

Thank you very much for your support of the wild Danish nature.

Today we can finally say that we have exchanged your donation for nature. Engelsholm Sønderskov is located in Vejle Ådal's hilly terrain, which is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

The Nature Foundation has bought the forest to let it develop freely as a natural forest. Here you can meet Europe's largest owl, great horned owl, Denmark's largest woodpecker, the crow-sized woodpecker, as well as the beautiful green woodpecker, the badger, mosses and insects.

So thank you once again for your contribution to the Nature Foundation.

The best greetings

The Nature Foundation