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We support the Red Cross!

Vi støtter Røde Kors!

Millions of children and adults have already fled Ukraine, and even more have fled within the country. On the run from the bombs and the fighting - and from the fear of losing their lives. They have sought refuge in basements and train stations before grabbing the bare essentials – if they brought anything at all – and fleeing to what they hope is safety.

Women have parted with their husbands, mothers with their sons, children with their fathers. They don't know if they will ever see each other again.

In total, over 12 million people have been forced to flee.

However, hundreds of thousands of civilians have not made it away. They are in their third month entrenched from the fighting that is taking place right outside their door. They have long run out of food, water and medicine and cannot escape because the humanitarian corridors have proven extremely difficult to establish and maintain.

We have seen tremendous brutality and the fighting has already claimed many, many innocent victims. As the days go by, we fear that many more children and adults will lose their lives.

We are witnessing an escalating humanitarian disaster in Ukraine. The consequences of the fighting are already enormous – the need for help just as much. And it will continue to rise in the coming weeks and months.

Millions of people lack everything. The Red Cross has established and operates one of the main lines of relief supplies into Ukraine, and we are responsible for stockpiling, receiving relief supplies and forwarding relief supplies to those most affected. This is especially true of basic emergency aid such as food, water, hygiene kits and blankets. We are also working on the possibility of handing out cash to the many on the run. This allows them to buy the things they think they need the most in the places where it is still possible to buy food and other necessities.

The Red Cross also provides psychological first aid and psychosocial support to children and adults who live on the run, anxious for their loved ones, worried about the future. We have set up safety zones for children in the reception centers where the internally displaced live. Here they can have a free space for a few hours a day. Here they can meet other children, make new friends, play, draw and think about something else for a while.

The Red Cross works day and night and continues to help in Ukraine and the surrounding areas and at the borders with neighboring countries - and we will stay as long as our help is needed.