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One region - One unity!

Én landsdel - Ét sammenhold!

We are a proud sponsor of Sønderjyske Elitesport 2022/2023.

In Sønderjyske Elitesport covers football, ice hockey, women's handball and men's handball.


Elite sport and business must jointly strengthen Southern Jutland. The vision is to profile Southern Jutland and to make Southern Jutland known and respected by elites at all levels in business, education, culture and sports.

SønderjyskE must develop into a super brand in sports for the benefit of all of Sønderjylland, and must:

  • Mark South Jutland on the Danish and international maps
  • Create synergy between sports and business throughout Southern Jutland
  • Place in the top 5 in the best leagues
  • Create the best conditions for talent and the clubs
  • Develop a top professional elite sports organization
  • Be a trend-setter in the development of business and event concepts
  • Get professional sports and association life to work together

Based on sport, SønderjyskE must contribute to:

  • that South Jutland continues to develop an attractive place for qualified labour.
  • that Southern Jutland can attract and retain labour.
  • that Sønderjylland bridges the gap between top sports and the business world in order to create fertile ground for top results.
  • that South Jutland continues the dynamic and internationally oriented growth for both companies, employees and sports.

Sønderjyske Elitesport's values ​​are humility, hard work, togetherness and responsibility, and we think that fits well with Nature Footwear's values.