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Take care of your shoes

Leather is a natural product and we are proud to use only the highest quality leather. It is dyed and treated as little as possible to preserve its natural look and properties. Variations in the texture or small wrinkles and irregularities should not be seen as faults but rather proof that each shoe is unique.
Please note that leather accepts dyeing in different ways, so there may be minor irregularities in the depth of the color - but nothing significant. To preserve the natural properties of the shoes, we recommend keeping them away from direct heat and letting them dry at room temperature if they have become wet.
All our products are individually made - one at a time, hand sewn and finished by hand. Therefore, the products may differ slightly from each other.

Nature shoes in leather:

Take the best care of your Nature shoes in leather with a leather cream. Apply this after you have removed loose dirt from the shoe and cleaned it.

Nature shoes in suede:

You can clean your Nature suede shoes with a soft brush (like a toothbrush) or you can buy special suede brushes to remove stains and dirt.


Impregnating your Nature shoes can help avoid dirt, stains and protect the outside of the shoe. Impregnation can also have a water-repellent effect. Therefore, we recommend impregnating your shoes regularly to maintain the protective layer.

Nature shoes in Piñatex®:

Our vegan collection is made from an innovative, natural, sustainable, non-woven textile. It is made from fibers from pineapple leaves. - A green and animal-friendly alternative to leather. Piñatex® is a natural material, so you should also expect small variations on the surface, in the structure and the color with a little 'patina' that comes with time. This patina may be slightly lighter pineapple fibers in areas most exposed to wear. Here you can show the journey the shoes have been on. In order to maintain your Piñatex® shoes as best as possible, we recommend impregnating the shoes with an impregnation that also cares (also called a 'combi-care'). Stains etc. must be removed with water with a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use heaters etc. etc., as the material can dry out.

About OnSteam®:

Our shoes are lined with the material OnSteam®. It's a fantastic microfiber material that we absolutely love. It has the same feel and some of the same properties as leather, but is made of microfiber. This makes it a lighter, softer and more flexible lining. Absolutely fantastic is that it has 6 times as much moisture transport as leather, it regulates the temperature and is 100% breathable. - And just as you didn't think it could get much better, it's healthy for both the feet and the climate. The material is chrome-free and is produced without any effect on the CO2 balance. Finally, OnSteam® is also OekoTex 100 certified. Too good to be true? No actually not. Feel the difference yourself in a pair of Nature shoes.