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A new beginning!

En ny begyndelse!

Nature has become part of T.Tygesen Invest A/S

The Christmas month has started well and extra busy for the brothers Peter, Thomas and Claus Tygesen, who together with their father Thomas Tygesen are behind T. Tygesen Invest A/S. With effect from 1 Dec. In 2017, the family business took over all activities from the Aarhusian retro brand, NATURE, which over recent years has given the foot-shaped shoe a renaissance in the fashion scene.

Going forward, Peter Tygesen will be at the helm of the day-to-day management and expert further development of the foot-shaped concept from the head office in Tønder.

The dialogue with the founder of NATURE, Eik Ottosen, has been going on for a year before the takeover recently became a fact. - Eik had reached a crossroads where, on the one hand, he wanted to see his company grow, but where he had also come to the realization that it would require new efforts to carry the concept forward in the desired direction, says Peter Tygesen.

The enterprising Tønder brothers have now laced up their work shoes and are looking forward to the task of further developing the collection and the concept of long-term sustainability. They promise that the main signature for NATURE will continue to be super simple, comfortable and functional footwear designed according to Danish standards and the trend regulations of the time. - We want happy feet that don't have to be forced into narrow shoes with pointed toes in warm and environmentally harmful materials in order to be hip, Peter, Thomas and Claus emphasize in unison.

Foot shaped in several cool ways

There awaits the Tygesen brothers a big and exciting task of continuing the concept for NATURE.

The footwork is done – the foot-shaped shoe as we know it has had its renaissance, where its previously tarnished image as a design outsider has been lifted into a reborn classic. - Now we have to take the step further and make foot-shaped fat in several ways, says Peter Tygesen. He lifts i.a. the veil that it will happen with an expansion of the collection without compromising the brand's DNA, which will continue to be design according to the shape of the foot, just as sustainability will continue to be the guiding star in the pursuit of the 3 P's: Planet. People. Profit.

The new administrative set-up

The transfer of NATURE to T. Tygesen Invest A/S also means a reorganization of the administrative functions. The administration will be moved to the headquarters in Tønder, while design, marketing and sales will for the time being be distributed in Tønder and Århus respectively.

The brothers also take over 2 employees with the company. - Pernille will continue to be responsible for sales and design, Ly for marketing and production, says Peter Tygesen.

At management level, the brothers have decided to establish a professional board, with Peter Tygesen taking the place of managing director.

A good year in T. Tygesen Invest A/S

2017 has been a good year for T. Tygesen Invest A/S, where there have not been many quiet moments in the brothers' other business activities. In addition to NATURE, T. Tygesen Invest A/S is also behind the Hoofers stores, which in the autumn changed their name from I Love Shoes and at the same time opened a new physical store with the new name in Berlin. In advance, Peter Tygesen is responsible for the day-to-day operation of Hoofers' webshop and a physical store on the pedestrian street in Tønder.