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No "Black Friday" at Nature Footwear!

Ingen "Black Friday" hos Nature Footwear!

Black Friday is just around the corner, but we just want to point out that we are not holding a decidedly special sale that day. Not this year – and not next year either.

We work hard to design a collection where our models have a long life and are not only current for a single season.

In addition, we do not compromise on quality and simply believe that in the future we will buy fewer products, but in return of a higher quality.

Black Friday pushes brands and consumers to make quick choices. Quick choices that are not always the best for the consumer and the climate.

If you would like to buy Nature Footwear at a discount, click past our sale category, it is open 365 days a year and here there are remnants, discontinued models and other good offers.

Buy less, Choose well!

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