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Then we are live again at Tønder Festival!

Så er vi igen live på Tønder Festival!

Finally, there is a festival again after years with Covid-19 and this year we can proudly call ourselves major sponsors for Tønder Festival.

The festival, which has existed since 1974, has a very special place in our Nature heart. The festival is full of culture, togetherness, nature and music, which gives a very special atmosphere. There is also a focus on "handmade music" - something completely fundamental, which is clear if you visit the festival.

This goes perfectly with our "handmade shoes" and we also have several artists who have jumped into shoes and boots from Nature Footwear to pamper their feet which will hold up to a huge party when the festival runs at high pressure from the 25th-28th. August 2022.

We sponsor, among others, Signe Svendsen, Rikke Thomsen, Tami Neilson, Irish Mythen, Cara Dillon and Miss Ambassador Furtado.

Visit Tønder Festival's website here:

Rikke Thomsen plays at Tønder Festival 2022. Photo: OleKleinPhotography