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We secure over 1020m2 in Læsten hills!

Vi sikrer over 1020m2 i Læsten bakker!

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Nature has far too little space in Denmark.

But now, thanks to Nature Footwear, there is more space for wild animals and plants and even more nature experiences in the natural paradise Læsten backer near Randers.

Together with Randers Municipality, the Danish Nature Foundation is expanding the beautiful area by more than 60%. Thus, the goal of a nature area of ​​300 hectares has come closer.

In Læsten Bakker, 1020 square meters are now secured thanks to Nature Footwear.

It is done for nature in Læsten hills:

  • Stops spraying and fertilizing
  • Restores farmland to thriving meadows with wild plants
  • Clears scrub
  • Establishes a lake for the benefit of amphibians and other aquatic animals

Benefits rare animals and plants:

  • Both rare and common animals and plants live in Læsten hills. Rare orchids, carnivorous plants, kingfishers, otters and the Danish bird spider are some of the area's many natural highlights

It makes a concrete difference to biodiversity, cleaner water and a better climate in Denmark.

Thank you

The Danish Nature Foundation