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We love The Danish Hospital Clowns!

Vi elsker De Danske Hospitalsklovne!

Being admitted to hospital can be a frightening experience for a child – no matter how long they have to be in hospital. We will ensure that this will not be the case.

That is why we have chosen to support De Danske Hospitalklovne, which works to bring out small happy moments in the children who struggle with illness.

With their 'silliness' and carelessness, the clowns are a contrast to the hospital environment. In this way, they make life in a hospital easier for a child and his family.

We are proud and honored to sponsor the absolutely fantastic work that De Danske Hospitalklovne does. It is such a privilege that these fascinating people wear our shoes when they do such important work.

We encourage you all to support their efforts in the hospitals and in the lives of many families!

Learn more about The Danish Hospital Clowns here: