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Become one with nature in a Faroese Michelin restaurant!

Bliv ét med naturen i en færøsk Michelin-restaurant!

The best restaurant in the Faroe Islands, KOKS, has become a well-known Michelin restaurant with its innovative and at the same time traditional menu.

GUÐRUN & GUÐRUN, a sustainable knitting company, hand knits all their products and they have put together the fashionable uniforms worn by the restaurant staff.

GUÐRUN & GUÐRUN have a vision to create clothes for customers who want to take care of the environment - and our shoes fit perfectly into this vision.

That is why you can find shoes from Nature Footwear at the skilled employees of KOKS.

The food that is made in the restaurant is clean, simple and, not least, sustainable - just like our shoes.

We warmly recommend visiting the "restaurant at the end of the world" - and of course also the beautiful and idyllic Faroese islands. There is no place that can compare with them.

Read about the unique restaurant here: