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Our website is CO2 neutral!

Vores hjemmeside er CO2 neutral!

At, we have given ourselves the responsibility to ensure that the traffic on our website does not pollute.

In order to comply with this responsibility, we have become CO2 neutral with the website you are visiting right now and have become part of the CO2 neutral website.

The initiative called "CO2 Neutral" is a global climate project that wants to reduce CO2 emissions. Quite practically, CO2 Neutral measures how much CO2 our website emits. The pollution comes i.a. from the power that is necessary to keep the website running - including the servers behind

CO2 Neutral takes the initiative for climate projects such as renewable energy sources that reduce deforestation, use of coal and other polluting energy sources.

Through these measures, they reduce the same amount of CO2 that our website emits. We are proud to display the CO2 Neutral icon at the bottom of our website. If you click on the icon, you will see ourcertificate .