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Gudrun & Gudrun collab!

Gudrun & Gudrun collab!

Vi er stolte af at kunne præsentere et collab med vores nordiske venner Gudrun & Gudrun.

Gudrun & Gudrun har designet 2 modeller i samarbejde med Nature Footwear. Vi har udvalgt Anna som model til vores collab og med materialerne finder du alt fra lak til fiskeskind.

Guðrun&Guðrun x Nature from Gudrun & Gudrun on Vimeo.

Læs pressemeddelelsen lige her:

The Shoe that leaves no footprint

one of the best things about fashion – besides, well, fashion – is all the collaboration we get to do and all the exciting people we get to meet. this time we teamed up with danish fashion house nature, who share the same values as we do in terms of sustainability.

we made a shoe

but not just any shoe. this shoe is made from salmon skin. wait, what? salmon? that sounds … weird. we know. and then it's not vegan either. no. but that's bad, isn't it? also no.

see, the salmon industry plays a significant role in food production all around the world. here in the faroes, farmed salmon is one of our biggest exports, where it ends up as sushi in tokyo and tartare de saumon in paris. but what about the skin?


and that is a problem. we shouldn't throw things away. fashion should not only look good on you – but also on the environment.

so we had an idea – salmon skin is a waste product. but the thing is, this is a super strong and very versatile material. it can be stretched and dyed, it's durable, water repellent, and so so pretty.

the result?

a shoe that is sustainable in all its processes, with the different textures between laces, sole and body working in unison for a clean-cut unique look.

the outside is made of 100% salmon skin

the lining is breathable and eco-friendly
the laces are organic cotton
the sole is made of natural rubber with cork remains

who makes them?

this is a collaboration between guðrun & guðrun and nature, and they are crafted by none other than portuguese shoemakers. and as you know, the portuguese are famous for their craftsmanship and dedication to detail. these shoes are ergonomic, elegant, and will last you for years to come – both the durability and the minimalist design.

strolling down the street in these shoes will not only look good on you, but on the environment too, since they leave no ecological footprints.


we also have other versions of these with a glossy patent leather and vibrant colours. which one's your favourite?

Du kan også se mere på Gudrun & Gudruns hjemmeside lige her.